Configure your server out of the box.

No more server configuration, just create your server in nodalbot and all configuration will be done for you.

Create your apps

Create your web app just with one click.

Continuous development

With our continous development workbench, it is really easy to develop, test and deploy your web app.

Learn how to develop web pages with our tutorials

Learn how to develop your own webpages using the most popular languages and frameworks for the web.

  • Drupal

    Learn one of the most powerful and flexible CMS in the web.

  • Javascript

    Learn the most used programming language in the web.


We offer two different plans to use our platform.




Unlimited serversUnlimited servers
Unlimited appsUnlimited apps
Unlimited domainsUnlimited domains
Unlimited database backupsUnlimited database backups
firewall configurationfirewall configuration
web server configurationweb server configuration
drupal 7/8 installationdrupal 7/8 installation
php libraries installationphp libraries installation
Only developmentDevelopment, test and production stages available
--Clone databases between stages
--Clone code between stages

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