Terms and conditions

Thank you for dedicating some minutes to reading our terms and conditions page.

Using nodalbot means you accept our terms and conditions hereby described

Web page

  1. Nodalbot may update its terms and conditions anytime without previous notice, all terms and conditions will be published in this page.

Server information

  1. Nodalbot will require you to enter the root password of your cloud server in order to configure it, you may change the password later since we only use it for configuration.
  2. Nodalbot will configure a secure connection between your cloud server and nodalbot so it can create apps and add domains, etc.


  1. Nodalbot offers a free plan that you can use to evaluate our platform, this plan will not require a credit card
  2. Nodalbot offers the professional plan which requires you to enter a credit card, the credit card will be charged monthly with the amount described in the pricing section
  3. You may deactivate recurring charging, however the plan will be downgraded to free at the end of the month until you pay for the professional plan.
  4. Nodalbotbot does not refund money directly to your account, if you have any trouble with your charges, you should contact us immediately.


  1. Nodalbot has limited secure access to your cloud server in order to keep it updated and configure it.
  2. All your information is kept secure and private, we do not have access to our customers servers.
  3. Nodalbot uses third party providers for credit card processing to enhance security, we do not save customer's credit card information in our servers.